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Why to Invite a Princess to Your Kid's Party

Growing up my favorite princess was Ariel. If anyone asked me why the answer was simple: because she's a mermaid, obviously! But what I didn't realize was that rewatching that movie hundreds and hundreds of time - how do kids do that? - actually taught me some valuable lessons. Ariel may have sold her voice to Ursula, which was not her brightest moment, but what I held on to was how she saw the beauty in things and how she never gave up on her dreams. This is what we try to focus on here at Princess Party Studios, teaching your kids a positive message while creating magical memories with them. Stay tuned while we unfold what each princess can bring to the table- and to your party- as far as values go. Next week we will be discussing Elsa, but let us know in the comments which princess you would like to see next. Bonus point if you tell us who your favorite princess is.


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