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Girl Talk & Mother Daughter Fun!

Every girl needs a mother daughter date! Even when you’re low on funds, or it’s a gloomy day outside, there are plenty of fun mother daughter activities for the both of you to enjoy! As a child I was fortunate, I grew up with my mom smothering me with love, and spending a lot of time with me. I cherish the moments she would paint with me, read a book, play in the pool, bake cookies, cheer me on during my sports games, but my favorite time was cuddle time! Whether it was gloomy or beautiful day outside, my mother and I would rent a movie from the library, create our fort of coziness that consisted of a huge fluffy pillow and bulky blanket, and baked our favorite chocolate chip cookies. We eventually called this time our mother daughter date. These moments between my mom and I created such beautiful memories, and it strengthened our bond. Not only is my mom the best mother in the world she’s my best friend. These moments of mother daughter quality time as a child and even now as a young adult, has taught me how important it is to have a mother daughter relationship. Still to this day my mother and I have our bonding time but we added a twist of wine with cookies. Now that I am a mom of one, spending quality time with my daughter is my favorite thing to do! I try to incorporate cuddle time with my daughter’s favorite activity for our mother daughter date. She’s the girliest girl ever! I realized that she loves bath time. So before she goes to bed, she jumps in the bath and I fill it up with her favorite princess bubbles and bath bomb. We sing along with the Disney station on Pandora. I time her baths with the music 10 songs and then it’s time to get out. We end our mother daughter date with some cuddle time! A bedtime story and I sing to her until she falls asleep. These moments before she goes to sleep are so precious I know I won’t be able to hold her in my arms forever so I really take advantage of these moments. I’ve also added selfie session as a day time activity for some mother daughter time! Check out my favorite websites for some fun bonding activities for you and your little princes!

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