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Ready Set Summer & Family Traditions!

Families who create traditions together stick together! As a mom of one my fiancé and I wanted to create a family tradition for our four-year-old daughter. We tried everything going to the local community fair, the beach, Disneyland, and even the zoo. Although those activities created great experiences and wonderful family moments; we realized that the heat is not our friend. Our daughter would constantly fuss about how hot she was and as a mom I realized simplicity is key in having a good time. So my fiancé and I pondered on some easy but fun night activities that could create memorable summer nights, and a long lasting family tradition. An idea sparked when I remembered how much I loved looking at the stars and moon through my mother’s telescope as a little girl. Because of my mother’s fascination for the sky, moon, and starts, stargazing became one of my favorite hobbies. I explained to my fiancé the fun filled moments of my summers under the stars. Those stargazing nights with my mother and younger brother, made the most magical moments for me as a child. We both realized that this would be our new family tradition! I absolutely love how my daughter is growing up loving the sky and appreciating this family tradition that she could pass down from generation to generation. I am overjoyed how this activity opened up a way for the three of us to bond and grow as a family. Summer nights are one of the many lovely aspects of summer fun. So make sure you and your family end your summer days with some fun filled magical moments under the stars! Check out this website for the top 5 fun activities that will get your kids outdoors and start creating your new family tradition!

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