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Family Time & Fun Recipes!

It' time for some summer fun parents! Being part of a big family, I grew up with fun activities which helped draw my family closer and create wonderful memories during summer. My mom always had creative projects for my brother and I, which helped keep us refreshed and forget the scorching heat. My upbringing consisted of a wonderful single mom who would try to implement happiness into our lives even though she was always working hard to provide for my brother and I all on her own. It was a struggle, and I remember trying to be the best daughter I can be to help ease her stressful life. My mother’s summer popsicle tradition kept joyful times alive during a hectic time. These yummy popsicles always brought a smile to my face during hot summers with no air conditioning. The best part about being a parent is giving your children the love, time, and the affection that they deserve. Memories and fun experiences help shape a child into becoming the best adult they can possibly be, and I think that’s every parents dream! Now that I am a mom I want my beautiful baby girl to grow up with fun popsicle memories of her own. I’ve learned as a daughter of a single mom and now as a young mother with a smart growing girl that, the time and effort that you spend with your kids this summer will be something they will treasure forever! So this summer keep your kids minds off of the blistering heat and fill their memories with some delicious family activities!!Go check out my daughters favorite Vanilla Peach Pop recepie!

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